Ukraine-Russia conflict LIVE – WW3 threats SPIKE as Germany sends tanks to Kyiv & Kremlin says it’s at conflict with NATO

‘My rest room is the final little bit of my flat Putin hasn’t blitzed’

A GRAN trapped close to Ukraine’s entrance line has been pressured to sleep on a chair in her rest room as it’s the handiest room in her bomb-blitzed flat secure from shelling.

Vera Hurovaya and hubby Vladimir Krupenya reside within the final block of residences left at the fringe of Kharkiv.

Neighbours have fled the Saltivka district, a wilderness because of continuous Russian bombardments.

However Vera, 73, and Vlad, 83, have nowhere to move. The exhausted pair instructed The Solar they’d slept on picket stools within the cramped, candlelit rest room since Vladimir Putin’s troops invaded on February 24.

Their besieged house overlooking no-man’s land is solely 2½ miles from Russia’s positions.

They can not even lie of their bathtub as they retain it filled with water for ingesting, cooking and washing because the faucets infrequently paintings.

And they’re too frail to make the life-or-death sprint to an underground safe haven as rockets, missiles and tank bombardments crash in day and night time.

Their heartwrenching story got here as Russian forces blasted 5 railway stations in central and western Ukraine hours after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken travelled via rail to capital Kyiv.

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Vera sleeps on a picket stool within the cramped in her cramped, candlelit rest room after Putin destroyed the remainder of her homeCredit: Peter Jordan Commissioned via The Solar

Vera and her husband Vladimir live in the last block of flats on the devastated edge of KharkivCredit: Peter Jordan Commissioned by The Sun

Vera and her husband Vladimir reside within the final block of residences at the devastated fringe of KharkivCredit: Peter Jordan Commissioned via The Solar

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