Is Mezcal the brand new gin? What it’s and the place to drink the most up to date spirit of the instant

Mezcal being ready the usage of the artisanal strategies, burning agave in a fireplace pit (Image Vetusto distillery)

Mezcal is the most up to date spirit on the upward thrust in the United Kingdom’s cocktail bars – with bartenders bringing ever extra ingenious concoctions and slick new manufacturers hitting the marketplace always.

So simply why has this smokey, complicated, Mexican spirit taken off at this type of tempo?

It’s all all the way down to the abundance of flavours it provides, says Manuel Lima, bar supervisor of Cavita in London.

‘It’s like a nice wine, with 1000’s of various flavour sorts. It’s additionally just right high quality – in contrast to tequila, the place you’ll to find all too many reasonable or mass-produced sorts,’ he provides.

London Cocktail Week founders Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne put the rising acclaim for mezcal all the way down to drinkers turning into extra adventurous -including all through lockdown – that means they’re able to discover this extra ‘difficult’ drink.

Agave production at Ojo de Dios mezcal distillery (Picture Ojo de Dios)

Agave manufacturing at Ojo de Dios mezcal distillery (Image Ojo de Dios)

‘We’re seeing an actual development relating to the shopper palate and this has been just right information for the mezcal trade,’ they are saying.

‘There is not any query that mezcal is a difficult liquid, then again individuals are turning into an increasing number of used to sturdy flavours – and it’s down the upward thrust in intake of brief, robust beverages like negronis and Outdated Fashioneds during the last 10 years.

‘The soar from a Margarita to a Mezcalita is fairly a step flavour-wise, however the development from a Negroni to a Mezcal Negroni isn’t fairly as dramatic since you’re coping with this type of robust style initially.

‘Lockdown had an element to play – extra other folks have been experimenting at house and growing their palates into taking part in more potent flavours and at the moment are taking a look to discover additional.

Mezcal is the spirit of the moment - so what is it and where can you drink it? (Picture: Codigo 1530)

Mezcal is the spirit of the instant – so what’s it and the place are you able to drink it? (Image: Codigo 1530)

Mezcal particularly has been in a super position to have the benefit of this construction, with the exponential enlargement of the tequila marketplace lately in addition to an building up in acclaim for peated whiskies making mezcal a herbal subsequent step for adventurous drinkers to discover.

Hannah and Siobhan additionally word the choice of good merchandise that experience come directly to the marketplace not too long ago – making the class extra available and interesting to these taking a look to check out one thing new.

So, what’s Mezcal?

Some brilliant new products have come on the market (Picture: Codigo 1530)

Some good new merchandise have come available on the market (Image: Codigo 1530)

It’s ceaselessly described as ‘a smokey tequila’ – however in truth, mezcal is so a lot more than that.

For starters, mezcal isn’t a kind of tequila – tequila is a kind of mezcal.

Yep, that’s the primary of many details to drink in.

Right here’s extra:

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It’s the oldest spirit on the earth, relationship again over 500 years.

The phrase mezcal actually interprets from the indigenous Mexican Nahuatl phrase ‘Metl’ that means agave and’ ixcalli’ that means cooked.

It’s been utilized in indigenous occasions in Mexico for hundreds of years – births, weddings funerals and non secular rituals have all been accompanied by way of Mezcal, and so they nonetheless are. In fact, it’s additionally loved in houses, bars and eating places concept the rustic too, the place they sip it neat.

Dos Hombres agave plantation (Dos Hombres)

Dos Hombres agave plantation (Image: Dos Hombres)

So – tequila is in truth a kind of mezcal (very similar to how scotch and bourbon and sorts of whiskey).

Mezcal is classed as ‘a kind of any agave spirit’ whilst tequila needs to be created from blue weber agave (agave tequilana). Tequila will have to be made in a definite geographic area of Mexico to be a real tequila (Jalisco, some portions of Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas), while Mezcal can come from a broader geographical area.

The choices of agave crops that can be utilized for mezcal are a lot more a lot of – there are over 30 agave species in Mexico and all can also be made into mezcal.

Agave growing in the Mexican countryside (Picture: Ojo de Dios)

Agave rising within the Mexican geographical region (Image: Ojo de Dios)

The most typical selection, used to make as much as 90% of all mezcal, is the fast-growing espadin, which reaches adulthood in simply 7 years, compared to others that take for much longer to be able for cultivation. Others come with tepeztate, tobaziche, tobala and arroqueno, in addition to the blue agave used for tequila.

The opposite distinction is that mezcal will have to be 100% agave, while tequila handiest must be 50% agave – the remaining can also be made up with less expensive spirits.

This implies the flavor profiles of mezcal are a lot more numerous and most commonly have a wealthy smokiness along floral, fruity and earthy tones.

Mezcal is created from roasting the hearts ‘piñas’ of the agave crops in underground pits for 3-5 days, giving it its smoky flavours. It’s then overwhelmed to free up the liquid after which fermented earlier than distilling.

Sorts of Mezcal

Ojo de Dios uses traditional methods to produce their mezcal (Picture: Ojo de Dios)

Ojo de Dios makes use of conventional artisan produce their mezcal (Image: Ojo de Dios)

Artisanal mezcal (most well liked) – Artisanal mezcal makes use of pit ovens, a few of which might be coated with volcanic rocks or above floor masonry ovens. The bulk use the pit oven, the place the hearth is lit on the backside of the pit earlier than a layer of small stones is added. The piñas, the hearts of the agave plant, are lower frivolously and positioned within the oven when the rocks are sizzling sufficient. The smokiness of mezcal comes from sluggish roasting those piñas.

Ancestral mezcal – The cooking will have to be finished the usage of underground pit ovens. Like with artisanal mezcal, first there’s a bonfire and as soon as the hearth dies down, stones and, if most well-liked, rainy agave fibres are added. Subsequent, move within the agave hearts and the pit is roofed correctly.

Using agave husks to build a fire at the Vetusto distillery (Picture: Vetusto)

The use of agave husks to construct a fireplace on the Vetusto distillery (Image: Vetusto)

As soon as the agave is cooked, it will have to be overwhelmed both the usage of the Tahona means or with mallets (by way of hand), with the latter looked by way of many as without equal home made means. The fermentation occurs naturally in picket vats, even though stone, clay or animal pores and skin can be used. The maestro mezcalero will be capable of inform when the fermentation is completed by way of merely the usage of his senses to analyse the method. To make ancestral mezcal, the distillation will have to come with the fibre of the agave, no longer simply the juice. The distillation can handiest be finished in conventional wood-fired clay pot stills. The clay contributes to a extra earthy spirit and provides minerality.

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Mezcal’s upward thrust

Mezcal noticed US intake soar 53% in 2021, in comparison to 27% for tequila (IWSR). It’s smoky and mysterious, very similar to the likes of very peaty whisky however extra available.

Celebrities adore it – George Clooney introduced his Casa Amigos Mezcal again in 2018 whilst Breaking Dangerous’s Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston introduced Dos Hombres in 2019.

drink it

They are saying you will have to ‘kiss’ Mezcal – that’s to sip it neat at room temperature, to realize the other flavours and aromas. It’s ceaselessly served with a slice of orange dipped in salt or Tajín (highly spiced Mexican seasoning manufactured from chilli, lime and salt).

It’s scrumptious in a variety of cocktails adding a Paloma – mezcal with crimson grapefruit, lime and agave syrup over ice – or extra vintage cocktails that decision for scotch and whisky like an Outdated Shaped or a New york.

Dario Arienzo of The Savoy’s American Bar says:

‘Mezcal is a brilliant element by itself to be served over ice with an orange wedge dipped in chilli salt. It has a large number of intensity and gravitas to it, virtually very similar to a smoky whiskey.

‘In cocktails it’s truly simple and flexible to make use of, particularly in vintage cocktails changing the normal base element with it or the usage of it as a modifier so as to add other notes to it.

‘What other folks don’t realise is that there are such a lot of various kinds of mezcal, some truly gentle and fruity and a few truly sturdy, smokey and punchy.

‘There’s a nice drink, a brand new vintage, known as “Bare and Well-known” which was once created within the award successful bar Attaboy in NYC which we adore to make.



20ml mezcal of your selection
20ml Aperol
20ml Yellow Chartreuse
20ml contemporary lime juice

Shake in conjunction with ice and served in a coupe immediately up.

The color is lovely, it’s brilliant and contemporary with a pleasing kick from the mezcal. You’ll even upload in a pinch of chilli flakes for a bit of spice.

A pleasing British twist at the Pimms cup is sweet the usage of mezcal may be a just right drink for one thing lengthy and refreshing.



20ml mezcal of your selection
50ml Pimms
Most sensible with ginger beer
Summer time culmination
Contemporary mint

Construct in a tall glass with plenty of ice.
Garnish the usage of plenty of summer time culmination and mint sprigs.

‘If you wish to create one thing of your personal however no longer positive the place to begin a great way of considering is “What grows in combination, is going in combination” so simply bring to mind the flavours of Mexico and check out it out, as an example limes, spices, oranges, hibiscus and extra.’

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  • The twist on a Margarita, the Mezcalita, is a brilliant advent to mezcal because it’s a well-known flavour profile that we could the smokiness of the mezcal shine thru with out being overpowering.
  • Mezcal is going truly smartly with contemporary fruit like pineapple, watermelon, melon and pear.
  • An ideal drink is a twist on a Daiquiri, simply make a choice your favorite fruit, upload sugar syrup and citrus and you’ve got a super-delicious and simple cocktail to make at house.
  • Like with American Whiskey, the ‘Boilermaker’ serve of a shot and a lager is very good with mezcal. It’s what number of Mexicans love to experience it, a immediately serve with a chilly beer chaser (by way of Manuel Lema, barman of Cavita, London)

Manufacturers to check out:

Dos Hombres Espadin £59.45

Dos Hombres Espadin, £59.45

A singular mix of the best Espadin agave, hand-selected from the hillsides of a small village in Oaxaca. Dos Hombres items an interesting perfume and a wealthy style that engages the palate, making sure the unique smoothness of our emblem.
Purchase at

Código 1530 Artesenal Espadin/Tobala £58.66

This award-winning tequila emblem is freeing each an ancestral and an artesanal mezcal. Codigo use actually original make the mezcal – agave is mashed by way of hand the usage of a picket stick, fermentation is wild (the usage of the naturally happening yeasts) and distillation occurs in copper stills with tahona wheels pulled by way of donkey. Because of using agaves from other terroirs and growing old in Sauvignon Blanc barrels, the ensuing mezcal is wealthy in floral notes, with the addition of citrus, darkish cherry with refined smoke.

Purchase it at kingdom.

Corte Vetusto Tobala £96

A fancy Joven that’s extremely easy from the usage of a conical earthen oven with mesquite wooden to cook dinner the Tobalá agave. A volcanic stone guarantees the product is milled earlier than it ferments naturally. The result’s crisp and brilliant with dried herbs, honey and earthy notes.

Purchase from

Unlawful Añejo Mezcal £86.95

Elderly for 13 months in a mix of American and French oak barrels with flavours adding maple, clove, and sour orange aromas, and darkish chocolate and candy agave at the palate.

Purchase it from

Ojo de Dios Café £39.99

The arena’s first espresso Mezcal, crafted from 35% Ojo de Dios Mezcal that’s combined with herbal Arabica espresso beans, giving wealthy, darkish chocolate notes sprinkled with cinnamon, introducing hints of liquorice, butterscotch and low after all. Makes a game-changing Mezcal Coffee Martini.

Purchase it from


The mezcal espresso martini has a rich, smoky flavour - Henson's cocktail bar in London's Soho has just added this to their menu, if you'd like to try one mixed by a professional

The mezcal coffee martini has a wealthy, smoky flavour – Henson’s cocktail bar in London’s Soho has simply added this to their menu, the usage of Ojo de Dios’s cafe mezcal, in case you’d like to check out one combined by way of a qualified


50ml Ojo de Dios Café mezcal

15ml Frangelico hazelnut liqueur

25ml Contemporary coffee espresso


Shaken on ice and strained into a relaxing martini glass