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WHEN you call to mind dwelling on a cruise send, you almost certainly call to mind a lifetime of luxurious, entire with an enormous mattress and balcony perspectives.

However singer Bryan James has needed to alter his expectancies, after he used to be moved from a bigger room with a sea view to the smallest room he’s ever been in.

Singer Bryan James took to TikTok to offer fans a excursion of his tiny roomCredit score: bryanjames.song/Tik Tok

When stretched out of the mattress, Bryan’s ft touched the tipCredit score: bryanjames.song/Tik Tok

The room looked even smaller when Bryan's things were in there

The room seemed even smaller when Bryan’s issues had been in thereCredit score: bryanjames.song/Tik Tok

He’ll be there till June, and took to TikTok to offer fanatics a excursion of the tiny cabin.

“Dwelling on a cruise send as a staff member method you reside in some lovely small rooms,” he started.

“I’ve been fortunate sufficient to be in a balcony room the previous two weeks however now I’m transferring to the smallest room I’ve ever lived in.”

Bryan enlisted his pal’s lend a hand to movie him as he noticed the room for the primary time, as he exclaimed: “Oh my god. That is the smallest cabin!”

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He then opened the toilet door to try the amenities, and may just slightly have compatibility into the bathe.

“My head nearly touches the ceiling,” he laughed, earlier than seeking to elevate the bathe head.

“How top does this move?” Bryan questioned, earlier than realising that the absolute best environment nonetheless isn’t top sufficient, and he’d need to bathe bending down.

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Subsequent up, he attempted out the mattress, and may just with regards to have compatibility at the small unmarried bed.

The room additionally had a tiny sink, a table that pulled out of the chest of drawers and a stool that used to be hiding within the cabinet.

And whilst he’d been hoping to place his suitcase beneath the mattress, it wasn’t top sufficient for it to slip underneath.

“A biiiittt smaller than I anticipated,” he captioned the video.

In a remark at the clip, one individual wrote: “I pass over my cruise send lifestyles, a minimum of you don’t need to sleep on a bunk mattress.”

To which Bryan responded: “Especially true! I’ll take this evidently!”

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“I’d fairly have a really perfect small room than a roommate. However that’s nonetheless loopy small,” every other added.

“This is so small. I’m no longer going to lie, I assumed the balcony room used to be your common room & I assumed you had been lovely fortunate,” a 3rd wrote.

Her room had a desk built into the cupboard and a stool inside

Her room had a table constructed into the cabinet and a stool withinCredit score: bryanjames.song/Tik Tok

Bryan moved from a room with balcony views to one that was the smallest he's ever been in

Bryan moved from a room with balcony perspectives to at least one that used to be the smallest he’s ever been inCredit score: bryanjames.song/Tik Tok