Assessment: What does the brand new ‘space-inspired’ Intergalactic Coca-Cola style like?

In a position to visit area… in a drink? (Image: Coca-Cola/ kingdom)

What does area style like?

Consistent with scientists, raspberries and burnt caramel.

Consistent with Coca-Cola… moderately flat cream soda, it sounds as if.

Yep, the massive canine at Coca-Cola have tried to seize the mysteries of the universe in a beverage, which they name Intergalactic.

To stay a way of intrigue, Coca-Cola hasn’t printed what precisely the drink is meant to style like, or what flavourings had been used.

As an alternative, their senior director of worldwide virtual design, Joshua Schwarber, says Intergalactic ‘targets to carry probably the most magic and thriller of the whole lot that we like about area to lifestyles with each unmarried sip’.


The twist on fizzy pop – the primary ‘Coca-Cola Introduction’ – is a restricted version product, so the logo is encouraging other folks to snap up a can whilst they’re in a position and feature a style.

However the reality is, a few of us don’t thrive of suspense and marvel. If we’re parting with our hard earned money (even a really useful retail value of 77p), we need to know what we’re getting.

For those other folks, kingdom is right here to lend a hand. We were given our palms on some cans, poured out samples for the crew to take a look at, and feature shared the whole lot you wish to have to grasp under.

Behold, the drink that tastes like area… so Coca-Cola says (Image: Coca-Cola)


The can is a pleasant color of fuchsia and deeper crimson, with some smattered big name main points to indicate that cosmos theme.

Crack it open and the drink within is… crimson. A kind of diluted cranberry juice glance. A laugh.

It fizzes slightly a little on preliminary pour, however this dies down briefly.


The scent is the place issues get fascinating.

Our testers described the odor as ‘buttered popcorn’, ‘sweet floss’, and ‘biscuits’. It’s indubitably were given a creamy, buttery trace – indubitably now not the scent of your same old Coke.

intergalactic coca-cola in a paper cup

It’s crimson! (Image: Ellen Scott/ kingdom)


The scent and color make Intergalactic appear intriguing, thrilling, unique… that doesn’t raise via to the style.

‘It’s like dangerous Physician Pepper that’s been combined with Cherry Cola and Ribena that’s been via a Soda Circulate,’ mentioned government editor Richard, who additionally instructed us that leopard urine, like this drink, smells like buttered popcorn (a amusing reality).

Some other reviewer, Lucy, presented: ‘It tastes like flat, pretend Coke. Like Rola Cola.’

The loss of fizz used to be a commonplace theme. Maximum folks famous that the preliminary fizz is going speedy and finally ends up flat.

On the subject of flavour, our style testers had been most commonly puzzled.

‘It indubitably tastes like one thing I’ve had prior to,’ mentioned Ross, from our Platform table. ‘However I don’t know what.’

A couple of mins later Ross determined: ‘almond and coconut – ultimate solution.’

Jess, Platform editor, indexed notes of marshmallow and sweet floss, in conjunction with the aforementioned popcorn, whilst each Deputy Information Editor Sian and I assumed Intergalactic used to be a little cream-soda-esque… however diluted.

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A few triers mentioned the flavor used to be like cherry cola – however for my part, I feel their tastebuds are being manipulated by way of their eyes. They see crimson, and think a cherry style will have to observe.

Ellen holding a can of Intergalactic Coca-Cola

Alas, we didn’t really feel as although we have been transported to area (Image: Ellen Scott/ kingdom)

Jeff, our science and era editor, declared that he ‘slightly appreciated it’. After I driven him for a solution on whether or not the drink tasted ‘like area’, he answered: ‘House is a vacuum so it’s more or less a defunct thought, but when House did style like one thing, possibly it will be like this.’ Attention-grabbing.

A handy guide a rough learn of the substances unearths the real culprits for the flavor: carrot and blackcurrant pay attention.

Additionally within the 0 sugar beverage: Carbonated water, acid, color, sweeteners, caffeine flavouring, and an acidity regulator.

Total, the decision? Complicated, a little underwhelming, and not so good as common Coca-Cola, however usually effective.

It’s value a take a look at if you happen to’re in this sort of state of drudgery {that a} moderately other fizzy drink is an pressing wish to upload some small bit of pleasure for your lifestyles… or if you happen to suppose Vimto is a ‘bit a lot’.

The common ranking out of 5 from the crew used to be a two, however this dropped to a one with the data that Intergalactic is meant to style like area.

The opposite stuff

Coca-Cola is obviously going large in this drink, in spite of our underwhelm. In conjunction with the beverage itself, there’s a wide variety of promotional stuff.

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Whilst you scan the QR code at the again of the can, for instance, it launches a ‘Coca-Cola hub’ (principally 3 Instagram Tale like slides speaking about Coca-Cola Creations), then a video of an augmented fact live performance by way of Ava Max, who plays Kings & Queens, Candy However Psycho, and EveryTime I Cry whilst showing to be surrounded by way of crimson liquid.

There’s additionally a distinct Instagram clear out, which places little sparkling stars for your eyes, for some explanation why.

Intergalactic is solely the primary in a complete line of Creations, a mission which Coca-Cola ominously describes as ‘a brand new platform which takes the long-lasting Coca-Cola emblem and lends it to new expressions, pushed by way of collaboration, creativity and cultural connections’.

‘Over the process 2022 and past, Coca-Cola will collaborate to create new flavours, designs and studies, reimagining its iconic product in time-limited editions encouraged by way of related moments throughout tradition, track and gaming, in each the bodily and virtual worlds,’ provides the clicking unencumber.

Sounds being worried. Right here’s hoping that the following Introduction packs a little extra of a punch than this diluted sweet floss spaceship that’s didn’t release.

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